Traditional Leadership in KZN

The roles, responsibilities and funding of traditional leaders have always drawn controversy, and yet there has lacked any recall and clarity on these issues from legislation and government. The Democratic Alliance is in the process of compiling a Draft Policy document and position on Traditional Leadership in South Africa.

We believe that Traditional Leadership should be the custodians of their communities’ customs, culture and heritage, provided that these customs are compatible with the principles contained in the Constitution. In order to ensure that the needs of rural communities are met by municipalities, traditional leaders should facilitate interaction between their communities and elected local government structures and processes.

The call herein is for communities to contribute their thoughts on better ways to ensure that the long-held traditions and customs that ensure South Africa is this rich in heritage and culture are not only preserved for generations to come but call for more self-sufficient and economically independent communities.

Members of the public are called to air their views on traditional leadership in South Africa and share insight on innovative ways to ensure that this is achieved without dire strain on the tax base but ensures that communities are custodians of development in their communities and their surrounds.


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