The people of eThekwini’s money doesn’t belong to the ANC

by Zwakele Mncwango – DA KZN Premier Candidate 

The Democratic Alliance (DA) has written to the eThekwini City Manager Sipho Nzuza requesting details regarding the reports that eThekwini is planning to splash out more than R20 million on ANC statues.According to the reports, the statues will be unveiled later in the year.

Whilst the DA acknowledges the important role played by former President Nelson Mandela and Oliver Tambo for our liberation and we believe they must be celebrated, this current project raises reds flags around the people’s money being spent on an ANC project.

This money, which belongs to the people of eThekwini and KZN, would be better spent on speeding up service delivery and opening fair access to real, long-term jobs, not an ANC vanity project ahead of elections they set to lose significant support in.

In our letter, we request Nzuza to outline which line item of the 2018/19 budget and what vote number was used to approve this expenditure. The failing ANC cannot do as it pleases with the people’s money.

The time for change is now, change that puts the people first. Only the DA can build One South Africa for All that stops corruption, speeds up the delivery of services and opens fair access to real, long-term jobs.

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