Shoddy work by police jeopardizes Siam Lee murder case

Democratic Alliance media statement by Shehana Kajee



Shoddy work by police jeopardizes Siam Lee murder case


The DA Women’s Network (DAWN) in KwaZulu Natal notes the granting of bail in the Siam Lee case at the Durban Magistrate Court today.

The court granted the accused R40 000 bail with strict conditions, one of which requires him to report to the nearest police station at least three times a week. He will also be required to submit all his travel documents, as well as inform the investigating officer, of all his movements in writing.

While the granting of the bail to the accused does not mean that he is innocent, it must be noted that the judge in this matter expressed disappointment at the inefficient manner in which the state handled the case, since evidence pertaining to the case was illegally obtained from the suspect’s home and his constitutional rights were violated.

The judge stressed that the involvement of the private investigator, and the failing of the South African Police Services to obtain a search warrant from a court which is in the vicinity of the accused’s residence, weakened the State’s case.

We are disappointed by the shoddy work by the SAPS which has the potential to jeopardize the case.

We will consult with our members of Parliament and the Provincial Spokesperson for Police, to ascertain if any disciplinary steps could be taken against the police involved.

We will continue to support the family of Siam Lee during these trying times. The matter will be back in court on the 17 August 2018.

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