Residents of Aquadene deserve better

Democratic Alliance media statement by Luyanda Sazi Msane Viranna 

DA King Cetshwayo Constituency Chairperson


Residence of Aquadene deserve better 


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The Democratic Alliance in Uthungulu joins residence of Aquadene as they protest for better services and stand up against corruption in their ward. Recently a housing project in Aquadene’s Ward 26 came to a halt as residents felt that employment opportunities were reserved for friends and family of the ANC councillor.


The community has complained numerous times about unfairness in the recruitment of local labour where 11% of the ward is unemployed. At the centre of these complaints is estranged ANC councillor Thokozani Mfeka, who recently resigned when investigation around her mal-practice in the housing project was being investigated. The Democratic Alliance believes that Integral to a fair society are the requirements that opportunity is plentiful and not concentrated in the hands of the few, that everyone has the means to use their opportunities, and that the strong do not exploit the weak.


The Democratic Alliance in King Cetshwayo rejects any involvement by this corrupt former councillor and calls on uMhlathuze Municipality to distance itself from her and refer her corrupt dealings to the authorities for action. Her actions undermine democracy and erode the principles and trust that a community should be governed by.  The talking points for today’s peaceful protest and items to be handed to the mayor on arrival include:


•    The call for an investigation into the employment of the Community Liaison Officer, a wife of award committee member

•    Calling for open and transparent recruitment processes and the

•    Dissolution of the current ward committee


The sitting Ward Committee has willfully acted in a manner that goes against the legal requirements which govern it as found in Chapter 4, Section 4 of the Local Government Structures Act 117 of 1998. The ward committee has participated in the process that excluded the community they were supposed to serve and instead were entangled in a web of “agency theory” that saw them getting their family members jobs in the project. With this, the DA will also bring a motion to council through our caucus to have this ward committee dissolved as per Clause 78 of the Local Government Structures Act.


The Democratic Alliance in King Cetshwayo will continue to fight for fairness at Aquadene and calls on MEC of COGTA Nomusa kaDube-Ncube to root out corrupt councillors and ensure that they do not participate in processes where there are no legal prescripts that dictate such additional roles or obligations.

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