Our Principles

Our vision is grounded on the defence, promotion and extension of the following principles:

  • The fundamental rights and freedoms of every person – including the right to freedom of conscience, speech, association, and movement;
  • The rejection of unfair discrimination on any grounds;
  • The supremacy of the South African constitution and the rule of law;
  • The language, cultural and religious rights of individuals and the communities they create through free association;
  • Equality before the law;
  • The separation of legislative, executive and judicial power.
  • A judiciary that is independent;
  • Elections that are regular, free and fair;
  • Representative and accountable government elected on the basis of universal adult suffrage;
  • The devolution of power to locate government as close as possible to the people;
  • The clear division between the ruling party and the state;
  • Respect for the right or a vibrant civil society and a free media to function independently;
  • The rejection of violence and intimidation as a political instrument;
  • The right of all people to private ownership and to participate freely in the market economy;
  • The progressive realisation of access to housing, health services and social security for all people who are unable to help themselves;
  • The protection and conservation of the environment; and
  • The right of all people to protection by the state from crime and violence; access to education and training.