KZN 2018 Matric Results: Manufactured marks continue to fail thousands of learners

Democratic Alliance media statement by Dr Rishigen Viranna, MPL

DA Spokesperson on Education


The Democratic Alliance congratulates the province’s matric learners who have passed their National Senior Certificate Exams. In particular, we congratulate those who have done so despite facing numerous challenges, including that of an often failing schooling system.

With a 3.3% increase in the province’s pass mark, taking the figure to 76.2%, many of KwaZulu-Natal’s matrics will be in a celebratory mood. However, the reality is that the province’s real pass rate is a dismal 36.3% when taking into account the number of learners who enrolled in Grade 10 in 2016 and the number who passed matric in 2018. The enrolment figures were supplied by the DBE (view here).

Then there is the fact that of the approximately 250 000 learners who began Grade 1 in 2007, only 157 000 wrote matric this year. The figure is even worse nationally, with almost half of the learners who enrolled in Grade 1 in 2007 not writing matric in 2018.

To add to this, KZN also recorded the highest number of progressed learners country-wide for 2018 with 35 534 learners – an increase of 7 881 over the previous year. This figure raises serious questions when it comes to the quality of education our province’s learners are receiving.

The DA regards these factors as an indictment against KZN Education MEC, Mthandeni Dlungwane and his Department. They have failed to deliver on their promises and raised the hopes of thousands of learners. If ever there was proof that the failing ANC only cares about Education as a pre-election tactic, then this must be it.

It is clear that our young people are being failed by an ANC-led education system – one that only cares about the matric pass rate while thousands of learners fall through the gaps on the way there.

Without a Grade 12 these young people have little hope for the future. They make up what is fast becoming a ‘missing generation’ – young people who are missing from society, missing out on opportunity and missing the chance to escape an ongoing, devastating cycle of poverty.

This speaks volumes about the state of education in our country. This is the true measure of what we are facing. The question is – what will become of them as the ANC continues to deny its responsibility for their futures?

Apart from the high drop-out rate, another very serious issue which must be addressed by the MEC and his Department is the modularisation of subjects in terms of the newly adopted Multiple Exam Opportunity (MEO).

Administratively the system also does appear to work with no results forthcoming from the June/July 2018 exams. If these learners aren’t finishing their exams, they are just being dropped from the system to inflate provincial pass rates. So, not only are learners dropping out or getting stuck before matric, we now have the potential to lose thousands of learners who don’t complete the MEO.

The DA is aware of some KZN schools are implementing this method simply to attain higher pass rates. We have also been informed that many parents and learners are also confused by the system as a result of a lack of consultation.

Within some schools, those so-called academically weak learners are simply being told that they will not be writing all their subjects while there are also reports of a shortage of resources to help them when they do try to prepare to write outstanding subjects at a later stage.

A DA-led education department in KZN would tackle the following urgent challenges head on by:

-      Refusing to tolerate SADTU’s ongoing strangle-hold over education within our province which has allowed politics into classrooms to the severe detriment of learners

-      Implementing youth skills from foundation phase level in order to produce good matric results. It is shocking that, according to PIRLS, 78% of Grade 4s in our country are functionally illiterate and

-      Ensure proper teacher training in literacy & numeracy. The DBE’s annual report showed that it had not achieved 50% of its training targets with almost 25 000 teachers that should have been trained in numeracy and literacy not trained.

These are obvious interventions yet MEC Dlungwane and his Department do not seem to be fighting for the rights of our learners. In the DA-run Western Cape, we continue to keep learners in school and maintain the lowest dropout rate in the country. We will keep fighting for learners to have the best possible start to adult life, unlike the failing ANC which simply drops struggling learners to inflate their pass rate.

A good quality, timely matric qualification is essential for school leavers to further their education and training and secure jobs to put an end to the cycle of poverty.

Power FM Interview – KZN DA Premier Candidate slams Zuma’s eThekwini record deal

KZN DA Premier Candidate slams Zuma’s eThekwini record deal – Radio 702

DA slams Zuma’s eThekwini record deal

by Nicole Graham Cllr – DA eThekwini CouncillorDA slams Zuma’s eThekwini record deal37774470_10156712149926995_8631941755861729280_nThe Democratic Alliance (DA) in eThekwini has slammed media reports that the City’s Parks, Recreation and Culture Unit will be funding the recording of former President Jacob Zuma’s favorite struggle songs in 2019.

This record deal is blatant patronage where the people’s money will be used to finance the former President’s lifestyle.

Recent reports state that Thembinkosi Ngcobo and Councillor Thembo Ntuli met with Zuma and according to Ngcobo the record deal will boost economic development by promoting cultural activities.

This proposal has not served before any committee of Council, nor has it been adopted by the Council.

The DA has been calling for greater accountability and functionality of the city’s Parks Unit. The Unit has seemingly gone rogue, abandoning many of its core functions in favour of flashy events and concerts.

It is now clear for all to see that the eThekwini Municipality has become completely captured by the failing ANC.

Whilst the history of our country holds immense value to us all, it is impossible that any rational person would believe that a corrupt and disgraced former president singing ANC struggle songs holds any benefit to the people of eThekwini.

The DA will be writing to the City Manager, asking him to reign in the Parks Unit and put a stop to this unethical project.

The DA will fight this matter tooth and nail in the interests of all who prioritize service delivery over politics.

Hawks catch ANC leaders red-handed trying to bribe DA Councillor

by Zwakele Mncwango – DA KZN Premier Candidate


Hawks catch ANC leaders red-handed trying to bribe DA Councillor

The Democratic Alliance (DA) can confirm that three ANC leaders in Abaqulusi local Municipality have been arrested by the Hawks after offering a bribe to a DA councillor.

This is after a Council meeting that was going to take place where there was going to a motion of no confidence against the Speaker. The DA councillor was offered a bribe in order to vote for the ANC at this meeting.

We applaud our councillor’s urgent move to prevent ANC corruption rot. The ANC leaders were caught red-handed by the Hawks where they were meeting the DA councillor to hand over a substantial amount of money.

The failing AC has sunk to its lowest low – enough to resort to bribes in their thirst for power.

We have seen this trend by a desperate ANC evolve in different forms in Mangaung and Nelson Mandela Bay. We can only predict that this forms part of the failing ANC’s election strategy, sanctioned by Luthuli House.

The DA congratulates the Hawks for their quick and efficient work in fighting corruption that has infested this country. We applaud those men and women in our law enforcement who continue fighting against criminals without the necessary support for the government.

The DA is committed to enforcing a minimum 15-year sentence for individuals found guilty of corruption. Corrupt individuals regardless of which party they belong to must face the full might of the law.