Premier must force MEC Dhlomo to act as 60 bodies pile up at KZN mortuaries

Democratic Alliance media statement by Dr Imran Keeka, MPL

DA KZN Spokesperson on Health


Premier must force MEC Dhlomo to act as 60 bodies pile up at KZN mortuaries


The Democratic Alliance has called on KZN Premier Willies Mchunu to force provincial Health MEC, Sibongiseni Dhlomo to act as the number of bodies awaiting post-mortems at Fort Napier, Gale Street and Pinetown mortuaries rises to approximately 60.

The call, made in the form of motion tabled in the KZN Legislature on Friday last week, comes after the DA was reliably informed that the number of bodies awaiting autopsies at Fort Napier had increased from 16 to 22 by the end of last week with 30 bodies at Gale Street Mortuary and 10 at Pinetown mortuary.

Our source at Fort Napier has today confirmed that the number bodies remains at 20 after five were collected by SAPS over the weekend and transferred to another facility in Durban. Certainly, the number will have risen at the Pinetown and Gale facilities.

The DA has also been informed today that as part of the protest action, the mortuary staff have decided that they will only perform two post-mortems daily. This is shocking. They have, however, agreed to collect bodies but the situation remains precarious for as long and KZN Health MEC, Sibongiseni Dhlomo and his Department continue to ignore their grievances.

It is clear that we are heading for disaster unless the MEC wakes up and does something. His flat-footed response and political posturing to date has brought the province to its knees in a crisis that is set to escalate over the Easter Period.  This is a busy time for all medical services and the prospect of bodies not being collected from either crime or accident scenes is nothing short of horrific.

Despite the DA having warned the MEC about this looming disaster during the most recent KZN health portfolio committee meeting, we have had no meaningful response to date.  We have also written to him, calling on him to address his Department’s ongoing failure to pay up to 40% of back-pay due to the forensic pathology officers (FPOs) and to honour an earlier commitment to upscale salaries. Friday’s motion was our third attempt at getting him to act.

It is clear that the MEC is not doing enough to find a solution. This situation cannot wait for politics to play out and KZN needs to work fast to engage with FPOs so that we do not have horrific scenarios where decomposing bodies are left lying on rubbish dumps, under the watch of family members, as reported last week.

Certainly, the answer does not lie in politicians doing autopsies but in providing leadership to prevent and solve such crises. That staff morale and trust in the MEC and his Department is also at an all-time low is a further indictment against him.

The DA expects MEC Dhlomo to respond, in writing, to our correspondence without delay.  In addition, we expect Premier Mchunu to act. Failure to do so will prove – once and for all – that KZN’s ANC-led government does not care about the lives of the people of our province.

DA Youth in KZN elects provincial leadership

Democratic Alliance media statement by Nduduzo Ngcobo

DA KZN Caucus Suport Officer


DA Youth in KZN elects provincial leadership


The Democratic Alliance in KZN today held it’s Provincial Youth Congress at Black Rock Casino in Newcastle.

We applaud all the delegates for behaving in a manner that is both befitting and upholds the decorum of the sitting.

Today marks progress where our youth take centre stage in the politics of the day, carrying mandates from their respective branches. The Democratic Alliance is the ultimate victor today and not individuals. The newly elected structure is not only diverse but contains capable and fit for purpose leaders, ready to criss-cross the province for the people of KZN.

As we head to the 2019 General Election we do so stronger and ready to bring the ANC in KZN below 50%.

The 2016 Local Government Election was an indication that the people of KZN have faith in the DA and did so through the ballot. After today the newly elected provincial structure will be speaking to branches of the DA Youth and crafting a strategy for the election to garner the support of young people. This will ensure that young people who are not active voters are canvased to vote, and those that have lost faith in the system will need to show their frustration through democratic means, the ballot.

Below is a list of the newly elected structure:

  • Xolani Fikani Khubisa- Provincial Youth Chair
  • Bradwyn Marnce – Deputy Chair for Administration
  • Nomfundo Khubone – Deputy Chair for Recruitment & Campaigns
  • Siphesihle Zondi – Deputy Chair for Media & Publicity
  • Siphesihle Magubane – Deputy Chair For Training & Development

The party is confident that the above structure is ready to delivertotal change to the people of KZN

The baton is in their hands and with guidance and support of the Provincial DA structure led by Zwakele Mncwango total change in KZN is certain.

DA KZN calls for calm from residents of Eshowe

Democratic Alliance media statement by Zwakele Mncwango, MPL

DA KZN Leader


DA KZN calls for calm from residents of Eshowe


The DA in KZN would like to send heartfelt condolences to the family and friends of the late Sipho Xulu who was shot and killed by a security guard while fishing at a farm in Eshowe. We ask that the Xulu family have faith in our justice system and trust that it will treat this matter with the sensitivity it deserves.

We also call for calm in Eshowe and urge that residents, friends and community leaders not take the law into their own hands. To return violent acts with the same cannot be a solution but will only fuel tensions. Residents should allow for the law to take its course in prosecuting the accused. The recent acts of violence will place more innocent lives in danger and jeopardize any progress with pending investigations.

South Africa as a whole is going through difficult times with heightened violence in farm areas and more people fueling tensions through negative and counterproductive commentary. Our communities can do better and leaders must be responsible in their utterances .

The DA pleads with community leaders in particular to play an integral role in uniting residents and not incite or promote more acts of violence.

KZN Agriculture MEC must urgently clarify true extent of rabies outbreak

Democratic Alliance media statement by Sizwe Mchunu, MPL

DA KZN Spokesperson on Agriculture and Rural Development



KZN Agriculture MEC must urgently clarify true extent of rabies outbreak


The Democratic Alliance has this week written to KZN Agriculture and Rural Development MEC, Themba Mthembu, calling on him to clarify the true extent of the current rabies outbreak in the province. The move follows reports of a number of recent deaths as a result of the disease.

The DA’s correspondence also comes after a provincial portfolio committee meeting earlier this week, during which the Department essentially admitted that it is fighting a losing battle with an annual R3million allocated to fighting rabies in KZN.

The DA expects the MEC to spell out whether we are dealing with a major crisis or an emergency and to advise exactly how his Department is handling the situation.

Rabies is a potentially devastating disease that requires a very precise response. While it appears that the Department has made some efforts – one of which is a vaccination programme – the DA does not believe that it is on top of the problem.

It is also on this basis that the DA will request answers to the following queries in the form of written parliamentary questions to MEC Mthembu;

· The total number of rabies-related cases and deaths in KZN since the start of 2018;
· The financial implications to the Department and general service delivery and; and
· Current measures being taken by the Department to prevent any further prevalence of rabies related cases.

The DA expects swift answers from the MEC. KZN’s public deserve to know the exact situation on the ground.

DA KZN: MEC must urgently intervene at Cool Air Secondary school following shocking and chaotic findings

Democratic Alliance media statement by Dr Rishigen Viranna, MPL

DA KZN Spokesperson on Education


DA KZN: MEC must urgently intervene at Cool Air Secondary school following shocking and chaotic findings


The Democratic Alliance has written to KZN’s Education MEC, Mthandeni Dlungwane, requesting urgent intervention and a full enquiry following an oversight visit to Cool Air Secondary School, near Wartburg, which has revealed shocking and chaotic conditions.

The visit, which took place late last week following numerous complaints from parents, has revealed a go-slow by some teachers which has left learners – particularly those in higher grades – unattended as well as political party canvassing and activities taking place during school hours. There also appears to be other issues including staff-related problems, financial challenges and even religious discrimination that are allegedly being swept under the carpet.

On arrival, the DA found numerous learners roaming around the school property and behaving in an unruly manner. In fact, the disruptions were so severe that those teachers who had remained in class were forced to stop teaching in order to create some form of order. The teacher go-slow, which began the previous day, was later confirmed by the principal, Mr ME Phungula, who was in a meeting with striking teachers after receiving instructions from his circuit manager to do so.

During the DA’s visit, schooling was also disrupted by the arrival of COSAS for a recruitment drive which saw all high school learners being summoned to an assembly for an address and then recruitment by a local COSAS leader, with membership forms, stamped with the school stamp, handed out. The principal later confirmed to the DA that he had asked a teacher to ‘facilitate’ this event while he was busy with the teachers’ meeting.

While the DA welcomes political expression and debate by young people, Section 33A of the South African Schools’ Act is very clear that party political activities are prohibited at schools. Given that the aims of COSAS are to ‘mobilise students towards the aims and objectives of the ANC post-1994′, this is clearly a politically affiliated organisation.

There are numerous other issues at the school; staff-related, financial and religious discrimination, that has been swept under the carpet. It requires urgent action.

It is clear that teaching and learning are being severely compromised at this school and that swift intervention is required. It is also clear that the school is contravention of the Schools’ Act and the DA calls on MEC Dlungwane to take immediate steps against COSAS and any other political party actively campaigning in KZN’s public schools.

The DA will continue to monitor the situation at this school. We remain committed to fighting for our schools to be places of teaching and learning in the interests of the learners of KwaZulu-Natal.

KZN deserves a Total Change in government led by the DA, where the youth receive quality education.