McBride must investigate suppression of evidence in nightclub assault case

Democratic Alliance press statement by Dianne Kohler Barnard MP
DA Shadow Minister of Police


I have written to the Executive Director of the Independent Police Investigative Directorate (IPID), Robert McBride, urging him to launch an investigation into the alleged criminal conduct of the detective tasked with investigating the brutal assault of Delia Adonis.

Reports this morning detail the assault of Ms Adonis, a 52 year old cleaner at Stadium On Main in Claremont, Cape Town. Five perpetrators were attacking  a man outside a night club. Adonis, who witnessed the assault, came to the aide of this individual and was viciously attacked for alerting law enforcement officers.

Adonis alleged that the five men kicked her to the ground and continued kicking her while she bled in the parking lot.

The detective in charge allegedly concealed evidence of the attack on Ms Adonis. This is another example of police failing to act as South Africans continue to bear the brunt of violent crime.

The police officers responsible for concealing the evidence in Ms Adonis’s case must be brought to justice. The IPID is a crucial mechanism for South Africans to hold those Police officers who do not do their jobs, to account.

I will be persistent in ensuring McBride institutes the necessary disciplinary action against criminal cops across our country. It is these members of the police service who undermine the good work done by the vast majority of the men and women of our police service.

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