It is time to Stand up. Asisukume!

Democratic Alliance media statement by Zwakele Mncwango , MPL

DA KZN Leader

It is time to Stand up. Asisukume! 

Notes to the editor: The speech below was delivered by DA KZN Leader Zwakele Mncwango after he was announced as KZN’s Premier Candidate

Good Morning Ladies and Gentlemen.


It is a great honour to accept my party’s nomination to serve as its Premier Candidate for KZN in the 2019 Election.


I am proud to be a son of this great province where at this very spot former President Nelson Mandela cast his first democratic vote. A vote that I believe marked the beginning of a new era of shared success and opportunity and the beginning of a government for the people and by the people.


Our province is vast and diverse. It is a melting pot of culture and history where our unique characteristics are also our binding factors. We live in a province of immense beauty and potential, from the UKhahlamba Mountains to the isiMangaliso wetlands.


But as Mmusi has correctly indicated, the path that we are currently on as a province is the wrong one. We have taken a wrong turn from the path laid out by the father of our nation, Nelson Mandela and other great heroes and heroines of our province. In 1994 Mandela voted for the first time at this place. His vision was one of a united and prosperous country where tolerance and service to the people where amongst his greatest virtues. The founders of our new democratic country would be disappointed to see how their vision has been forgotten, most of all by the once great liberation movement they founded.


Sadly, the people of this great province are not being put first and the dream of leaders such as Mandela, and Suzman come second to what has become a rush to fill the pockets of people connected to the ruling party. Our province of potential has been abandoned by the current government.


Continual empty promises have relegated the people of KZN to last place as the self-enrichment and corruption of the ruling party continues to hold us back.


Crime is on the rise with some of the highest statistics coming from this area that we are in today where 203 murders took place last year.  Our women and children are victims of indefensible violence and abuse. We cannot accept that Murder has increased by 9.2% (First in the country for the murder of women and children.) (665 Women, 91 Girls and 130 Boys were murdered in KZN.) last year or that almost 37 000 cases of sexual offence against women were reported. The leadership of SAPS and MEC Kaunda have failed us.



Unemployment is the highest it has ever been with the expanded unemployment rate sitting at 40.9% in KZN. Our people are not able to put bread on the table or roofs over their heads. Young people are unable to find jobs and are forced to turn to crime or drugs in desperation. 34.5% of our young people are not employed and 49.4% are not economically active. The economic policies of the Ruling party and the leadership of MEC Zikalala have failed us. 



Education and health are the vital pillars in protecting and growing our province. Mismanagement, poor leadership and lack of budgets due to wasteful expenditure have all but collapsed these departments. MEC’s Dlomo and Dlungwana you have failed us.


Corruption, and fruitless and wasteful expenditure are leaving our municipalities incapable of delivering basic services such as water, sanitation, roads, electricity and housing. Premier Mchunu has failed us. His leadership has failed us.


The majority party in this province, the defenders of corruption, have shown us that after 24 years they are incapable of managing the real problems that the people of KZN are faced with.



This election is our chance to stand up and get our province back on track. It is our chance to choose – we can let KZN become more unequal, more corrupt and more uncaring. Or we can choose to stand up for change that builds a better future for all people.

Change that realizes the potential of this great province.

Change that stops corruption, creates jobs and delivers better services for all.

Change that gives our young people hope for the future.

And Change that seeks to unite us and not divide us.


The DA is the only party strong enough, united enough, and has the track record of delivering to the people. We are the only party that can bring the change that builds a better future for ALL the people of KZN.


The place we have chosen to announce my candidacy today is called Ohlange. It has more significance than just being the place were former President Mandela voted for the first time. In isiZulu, Ohlange means, “a place where all nations come together.” It is time for all the people of KZN to stand up together and vote for a government that puts their interests first.


This election is about our future and about KZN’s future. The power to choose a better future is in our hands. We can have more of the same, or we can give a credible and tested party a chance to lead.

In the near future I will unveil the team that will be assisting me to take this province forward. I am also exited to share with you my vision and plan to tackle corruption head on, build safer communities and to kick start our economy so that our people can have access to more jobs.


Most importantly, while other parties are divided and splintering, I look forward to leading a strong, diverse and united DA in KZN into 2019 and beyond. A party full of people who put the people of KZN first. A party building one province for all.


It is time to Stand up. Asisukume! 

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