Five years later and Hammersdale community hall remains badly damaged

Democratic Alliance media statement by Vincent Mkhize, Cllr

DA EThekwini Councillor


Five years later and Hammersdale community hall remains badly damaged


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In August 2017, the Democratic Alliance in eThekwini enquired on the status of the Sishi Community Hall at the Mpumalanga township in Hammersdale. The questions sought to seek clarity on the state of the hall during a full council meeting; whether any pending plans to renovate or upgrade the facility. The responses at the time from Speaker William Mapena noted that the hall was damaged during a service delivery protest in the 2014/15 financial year and that the city was waiting for costing from the City’s Architecture Department. The Speaker also noted that no claims to the insurance company were made and that the official at the time had omitted to do so.


Until today the negligence by the ANC has deprived the community of a place to host weddings, funerals and other public meetings. During an oversight visit yesterday, the Democratic Alliance found that a group of disabled community members meet every Tuesday to exchange craft and knitting skills. All this is done in a hall with no roof and non-functional ablution facilities. During rainy days the ladies have to find a dry corner and continue their work for the day.


Residents of Mpumalanga Township are ready to change their situation by empowering each other with their respective trade and skills, yet the city finds no reason to meet them halfway. It cannot be right that the city, during the 2017/2018 financial year alone, wasted millions of taxpayers money on hosting events and festivities like the Essence Festival.


During yesterday’s meeting, it was found that all residents yearn for a place where they can work and be able to support their families. The hall as it sits now is unsafe and attracts criminals. On a daily basis, the building is stripped of whatever roofing panes, copper piping and electrical cabling are left.


We call on the city to commit to their promise to put the interests of the people first. At the moment residents are caught in a crossfire with the ANC’s factional battles that compromises service delivery. The DA will follow up on the state of the facility and ensure that the community is treated with the dignity it deserves.


The Democratic Alliance remains the only party with a proven plan to bring about meaningful change to lives of all, that prioritizes the empowerment of all people than the selected few. Come 2019 residents of eThekwini and the whole of KwaZulu Natal will have the opportunity to take active steps in this change, and vote for a party that cares and delivers to all.

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