Failing ANC has left Nagina at the mercy of criminals

by Zwakele Mncwango – DA KZN Premier Candidate

Today the Democratic Alliance visited a 66-year-old grandmother [name withheld to protect her from further victimisation] of Tin Town informal settlement who lives alone, and has been a victim of several house burglaries. She currently has a protection order against her neighbour whom she accuses of being responsible for these robberies.

During the visit, the DA learned that this area is plagued by a drug problem, which the under-staffed and under-resourced SAPS is unable to combat. The area has become a crime paradise with hijackings, murders and house burglaries as a daily feature. The increase in illegal bottle stores is another concern, has also contributed alcohol-fueled lawlessness.

All of this leaves vulnerable members, like the elderly, of our society at risk of being a victim of crime. We also learned that only two police vehicles are operating in the area which makes crime reporting and curbing, impossible.

The DA will therefore write to the Provincial Police for Commissioner, on behalf the community, to demand reasons why how an area with an estimated population of 25 000 is serviced by only two SAPS patrol vehicles. We would also like to know how he is going to deal with under-resourcing and understaffing at Nagina Police Station in order to protect the old and vulnerable members of our community.

Our most vulnerable communities suffer daily. It is clear that the failing ANC is unable to maintain order and keep our people safe.

A DA-led government will prioritise the safety of our people and communities  by introducing an honest and professional police service, that is well-staffed and resourced. This is the kind of change the enable us to build One South Africa for All.

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