Failing ANC can’t keep KZN women and children safe

Democratic Alliance media statement by Dr Rishigen Viranna, MPL

DA spokesperson on Community Safety

Failing ANC can’t keep KZN women and children safe


The announcement of the National Crime Statistics earlier today have painted a shocking picture in KwaZulu-Natal, with the province once again the ‘murder capital’ of the country and the highest number of women and children reported killed in the entire country.

According to the figures – for the period 1 April 2017 to 31 March 2018 –  a total of 665 women and 221 children were murdered during the 12 month period with a total number of 4 382 people dying as a result of this horrific act.

The statistics also see two of KZN’s largest communities, Umlazi and Inanda placed within the top five murder hotspots in the entire country with the latter also reporting the most cases in terms of Assault GBH, Sexual offences and Rape.

Other violent crime categories within KZN that also saw an increase include;

  • Attempted murder with an increase of 4.7%
  • Rape which increased by 3%
  • Sexual offences which increased by 3.2% and;
  • Sexual Assault with a 10.5% increase

The DA is deeply disturbed by these horrific figures. They point to a province under siege with a theme of violent crime, in particular against with women and children with these murders making up more than 22% of all murders in KZN. It is clear that the failing ANC has no plan to keep the people of KZN, in particular women and children, safe.

KZN residents continue to live in a war zone, which the failing ANC has allowed to flourish. These statistics explain why so many are living in homes which have become their very own prisons. Communities oppressed by poverty remain hotspots for crime.

The reality is that this is life under an ANC-led government. It is a life that exists as a result of a government that has become complacent and focused on enriching only themselves. Not only is the ANC failing to keep South Africans safe from crime, they don’t even know how to.

KZN’s SAPS remains under-resourced, under-trained, under-equipped and under-staffed when there are in fact the funds to change this. Instead, the ANC has chosen to allocate billions to protect VIPs rather than increase what they spend to keep ordinary South Africans safe. This is evidenced by the R9.1 million spent on protecting one VIP as opposed to the R1 500 spent to protect one citizen. This is not what the people of our country were promised.

The ANC has picked which people they prioritise, it is up to South Africans to choose a Party who puts their safety and that of their families first.

The DA has a plan to make our police service honest, professional and effective in fighting crime. We will focus on;

  • Fighting corruption within the police
  • Retraining police officers to serve and protect with pride
  • Hiring people with a passion for policing
  • Instituting an effective drug-busting force within the South African Police Service; and
  • Ensuring that law and order is maintained in our communities and that there are effective arrests, prosecutions and convictions of criminals.

The 2019 election is the chance for KZN’s people to choose between rising crime and a party that knows how to transform the Police Service and keep communities safe. Reward the ANC’s failures with their vote and nothing will change.

Only the DA can make our police service an honest, professional organisation that serves and protects South Africans. This election is about our future.

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