Edwin : Letter to the Editor

DATE:              04.10.2018



RE:                   YOUR FRONT PAGE HEADLINE AND STORY; OCTOBER 2 – 8, 2018


Dear Editor

The Democratic Alliance councillors have revealed the facts to the public without adding opinion or conjecture to the mix. The critical facts we have reported is that 6 DA councillors were present and witnessed along with the 20 other councillors, and staff present, a voting count of 18 in favour, 6 against and 2 abstentions, to the 2018/19 budget, on the 30th May 2018. This event is captured in the minutes which were unanimously adopted on 29.06.2018, and which remained uncontested for 4 months until the council meeting on 26 September 2018, when Roy Bhoola of the Allied Movement for Change and the ANC learnt of a pending legal case. These minutes provide evidence of the facts revealed by the DA councillors. We sent you the relevant pages from the minutes as proof and you published them. Bhoola-ANC-Al Jama-ah must prove them to be false if they expect the public to take them seriously.

It is significant to note the following:

•    The DA has never disputed the minutes on the voting outcomes or the fact that a quorum was present. Statements made by Bhoola + ANC are red herrings designed to draw attention from the crucial fact of the voting outcome.

•    Bhoola + ANC have been very careful to specifically not dispute the minute and have chosen instead to simply say that the count was different to what is recorded, without offering any evidence to support their lie.

We, therefore, make this challenge to the Bhoola + ANC. “State publicly who from the ANC was present and what the voting count was, for the votes taken on pages 18, 38 and 42 of the unanimously adopted minutes of 30/05/2018.” The 6 DA councillors who were present for all 3 votes are Armugam, Baptie, East, Maharaj, Mdluli and Sookhraj. The same challenge is issued to councillor Khan from Al Jama-ah who voted with Bhoola and the ANC. Councillor Bhoola’s nightmare has only just begun and this debacle is not over as he wishes it would be. The problem with his and the ANC’s lie is that every time they defend it, they must tell another lie until eventually the web of lies closes around them. If they refuse to answer this challenge they admit their lie.

The DA councillors are ready and willing to issue affidavits and undergo lie-detector tests as further proof of the facts they revealed. Let us see if Bhoola, the ANC, Al Jama-ah, and the acting MM are prepared to do likewise. We stand by the rule of law as an uncompromised principle in a transparent, fair and open democracy.

Democratic Alliance Caucus: Umdoni Municipality

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