DA welcomes ruling against racist eThekwini municipality official

Democratic Alliance media statement by Nicole Graham, CLLR

DA EThewkini Caucus Leader


DA welcomes ruling against racist eThekwini municipality official


The Democratic Alliance in eThekwini has welcomed the outcome of a disciplinary hearing which ruled that eThekwini Legal Head Gideon Phungula, was guilty of racism, gross dishonesty and hate speech.
After receiving a transcript and recordings of Phungula calling Krish Kumar a “c**lie” repeatedly, DA eThekwini Leader Nicole Graham demanded that City Manager Sipho Nzuza suspend Phungula.
The matter was also reported by Graham to the Human Rights Commission as a violation of the rights of Kumar and other Indian city officials.
The recording also revealed Phungula admitting to being a political appointee, and that he was trying to appoint a ‘compliant’ lawyer to preside over the disciplinary of a Supply Chain Management official. The aforementioned official was implicated in the DSW orange bag scandal, but Phungula felt she needed to be protected for the ANC’s sake.
The way the orange bag matter has been handled has been completely disgraceful, and the Phungula recordings show why. Tender processes were clearly being subverted to enrich friends and those amenable to ANC donations.
It is unfathomable that the Head of Legal and Compliance could be so deeply compromised. This is the unfortunate reality of the state of the eThekwini Municipality, where competence is sacrificed for political ends.
Now that Phungula has been found guilty, the DA demands that he be fired from his position. The DA also wants an investigation into who exactly appointed Phungula and how the process was handled.
Phungula’s constant reference to “Mama” in the leaked recording points to no one other that Mayor Zandile Gumede.
The DA is the only party working to Build One South Africa for All, where we are better together.

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