DA to call for Urgent Public Debate as Premier Mchunu fails to act against his CoGTA MEC

Democratic Alliance media statement by Zwakele Mncwango, MPL

DA KZN Premier Candidate


DA to call for Urgent Public Debate as Premier Mchunu fails to act against his CoGTA MEC


The Democratic Alliance will write to KZN Legislature Speaker, Lydia Johnson, to call for a Matter of Urgent Public Debate to be placed on the Order Paper at the next Sitting of the provincial parliament on 20 November.

The request, in terms of Rule 103 comes after KZN Premier, Willies Mchunu’s ongoing failure to appropriately respond to serious claims of corruption within the Nkandla and Mthonjaneni municipalities, allegedly involving KZN’s CoGTA MEC, Nomusa Ncube, and her businessman husband, Sibusiso Ncube.

On 4 June the DA provided the Premier with a dossier (view hereherehereherehereand here) relating to these claims with the request that he launch an investigation. In his response to the matter, the Premier undertook to provide the DA with information on actions which he, or officials from his Office, had undertaken in order to address these concerns.

It is now more than 150 days since then. Earlier this week the DA sent a written reminder to the Premier (view here), requesting that he act on his earlier commitment. To date, we have had no feedback.

This entire situation is yet another perfect example of how this failed ANC government protects a chosen few, placing them before principle.

It would seem that MEC Dube-Ncube has much to hide. The DA is aware that her husband has done business in at least 16 of the province’s municipalities. This situation is untenable and raises serious questions around the MEC’s impartiality. This matter also points to what is possibly an extremely serious abuse of municipal resources – one which could have a major knock-on effect on jobs and service delivery in the province.

It is the responsibility of the Premier to hold his MEC’s to account. The DA is of the firm belief that, in this case, he has not.  It is for this very reason that the DA will proceed with its request to the Speaker. We do so on behalf of the people of KZN who do not have a voice and who have a right to a government which cares about their wellbeing.

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