DA KZN Premier Candidate Mncwango introduced to Traditional Leaders

Democratic Alliance media statement by Zwakele Mncwango, MPL

DA KZN Premier Candidate


DA KZN Premier Candidate Mncwango introduced to Traditional Leaders


Note to editors: The following statement was delivered by DA KZN Premier Candidate Zwakele Mncwango MPL as he was introduced to traditional leaders in waNongoma today. 

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Good Morning, Amakosi, iziNduna, honourable guests, ladies and gentlemen.

Thank you for joining me here today to pay respects to traditional leadership of the Province and for the launch of my Provincial Listening tour.


Thank you for joining me here today to pay respects to traditional leadership of the Province and for the launch of my Provincial Listening tour.

As a proud young Zulu man who grew up in this area it is important for me to start my listening tour amongst the people that I grew up with and the leaders that I respect and that have molded my values of respect, ubuntu, honesty and humility.

Growing up here was not easy, and such is still the case for many people. Opportunities, most especially access to jobs for young people, are few and far between. Good education and good healthcare are hard to come by. Basic services such as water, sanitation, roads and electricity are still a dream that many have not yet realised. Places such as Nongoma have been forgotten by the ruling party who only care about themselves.

I was fortunate to have a mother and father who worked hard and who were able to put me through school. The key to me overcoming my adversity was access to opportunities. Our government should be working to provide our people with access to schools with computer and science labs, providing police to keep our women and children safe, encouraging factories and local economic development to provide jobs, and ensuring that every home has water, electricity and sanitation.

But we know too well that every election the failing ANC comes with broken promises and after the elections, they come with big excuses and big bags to collect all the money.

Rural areas in KZN are places of great potential. They are places of cultural, and natural beauty, rich in resources. A caring, people-centred government would use this potential to better the lives of the people who live in rural areas.

The the failing ANC has not fulfilled its promises to revitalise rural towns and villages. Broken roads, no water, intermittent electricity supply, and pit toilets are among the central issues that my government will prioritise. We must get our small towns and villages working again.

The forgotten youth of rural KZN are leaving their homes to find better opportunities in urban areas only to find drugs, slums and even crime when they get there. We must open access to jobs and bring development closer to the people. Agriculture, agri-processing and tourism are yet to realise their full potential in our Province.

Failure to provide an environment conducive to the growth of the rural economy has set small towns and villages back many years. My government will prioritise local economic development in rural areas and focus on providing the infrastructure needed to support economic growth.

This includes hard infrastructure, social services and most importantly improved education applicable to a modern economy.

The current leadership has become detached from the lives lived by rural communities. It is, therefore, my goal to visit as many communities in KZN to hear the daily struggles of the people of this beautiful province of potential.

As the DA we are ready to make this province work, we can fix the failures of the past 24 years and bring a new spirit of hope.

Traditional leaders are a vital part of the communities that I will be visiting. Traditional leaders are and will be an important part of building our team that will bring change.

Our country is steeped in a long history of powerful and proud nations. The face of our Province has been shaped by traditional leaders and the important role that they have played and still play today.

As our young democracy matures it is important for us not to forget the people who have helped us to get to where we are today. Nor can we forget our roots and heritage. [Imvelaphi yethu]

We are all aware of the failing ANC’s call to take away Ingonyama Trust land so that they can divide it amongst themselves.

We do not share the failing ANC and EFF’s view that the state should be the sole owner of the land and everyone else tenants on state land. This approach to land reform by the ANC continues to alienate traditional leaders who are critical stakeholders in ensuring that a process to transfer communal land to individual ownership is successful.

The wholesale expropriation of the Ingonyama Trust land by the state will do very little to improve the material and economic conditions of residents living in these areas. If anything, it will perpetuate the cycle of poverty among the people as they will not be able to realise any economic value as ‘tenants of the state’.

True economic empowerment for residents on Ingonyama Trust land will only become a reality once people are given the opportunity to own the land on which their families have lived for many generations.

Current misperceptions around the handling of the Ingonyama Trust are also not being helped by what appears to be contradictory views by the failing ANC at a national and provincial level.

At a National level the failing ANC says it will expropriate Ingonyama land and at a Provincial level they say they will not.

It is another sign that the failing ANC is a divided party and has no clear vision for the people of KwaZulu-Natal.

The DA believes that inclusive consultations are key in dealing with the Ingonyama Trust. The Ingonyama Trust Act of 1994 may only require amendments to achieve a meaningful outcome instead of wholescale expropriation without compensation.

Our own discussions with amaKhosi show that amaKhosi recognise there may be difficulties with the Trust and that they, along with his Majesty King Zwelethini, are committed to ensuring empowerment and upliftment for communities living on traditional land.

A DA-led government in KwaZulu-Natal led by me would engage with his majesty the King and Amakhosi in a meaningful effort to find a way to protect communities living on communal land from dispossession, while also affording them the greatest opportunities for economic empowerment through private ownership protected by title deeds.

As we begin this journey around KZN let us reject political parties who are using the land issue to drive emotions and concentrate on bringing real change to the lives of our people living rural communities.

Let us build strong partnerships with traditional leadership and not undermine them and not disrespect them. KwaZulu-Natal has the potential to provide for all, support all and be a home to all.

I will fight corruption and stop wasteful expenditure.

I will fix the police service, making it honest and professional so that our people and communities safe.

I will work hard to ensure the accelerated delivery of basic services such as water, sanitation, refuse and roads are being delivered to you by your municipality.

I will work with all stakeholders to revitalize the economy so there is fair access to jobs.

I will put the future of all the people of KZN first. The DA is ready to build a working KZN and build One South Africa for all!

I call on you to join my team to bring change and hope for the future.


Let us stand up. Asisukume!



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