DA forces Ugu Municipality to intervene in water crisis

Democratic Alliance media statement by Dr Rishigen Viranna, MPL

DA Ugu Constituency Head


DA forces Ugu Municipality to intervene in water crisis


The Democratic Alliance welcomes the decision by Ugu District Municipality’s Portfolio Committee of Water & Sanitation and EXCO Committee to declare Umuziwabantu Local Municipality a local disaster area following a DA request. See DA statement here (http://bit.ly/2Lq43SL ).

Umziwabantu is fast approaching a water crisis due to severe drought conditions, and DA intervention was critical in ensuring that Ugu municipality took action without delay.

During a recent oversight inspection, the DA found that Harding Dam is at 15%capacity and the Weza River is at an all-time low. Despite this clear evidence of an impending crisis, no notable action has been taken to conscietise communities of the impending crisis and possible implementation of water restrictions.

During the intervening period, the water situation in Harding dam has significantly worsened rendering this vital water source functionally empty.

A taxing regime of water restrictions is becoming increasingly likely with each passing day for residents in both the municipality’s rural and urban hinterlands.

This dire situation compelled the DA to push for a notice of motion to declare Umuziwabantu Local Municipality as a disaster area. Such a declaration will enable the municipality to institute disaster management procedures set out in the Disaster Management Act and roll out a water restriction schedule to save water.

It is a pity that while the DA has taken active steps to push back the impending water crisis, the ANC has chosen to be petty and cancel a council meeting which had been scheduled to deliberate a DA motion on this important issue. Despite these shenanigans, the DA successfully forced the decision making structures to pass the resolutions.

As the DA works with interested parties to find lasting solutions to the Ugu Water Crisis, we still stand by the view that the only solution to crippling governance crisis in the municipality will come through placing it under a capable Section 139 administrator.

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