DA calls on Premier Mchunu to investigate a body that has been in the morgue since 2014

Democratic Alliance media statement by Zwakele Mncwango, MPL

DA KZN Premier Candidate


DA calls on Premier Mchunu to investigate a body that has been in the morgue since 2014


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The Democratic Alliance (DA) in KwaZulu Natal is calling on Premier Willies Mchunu to launch an urgent investigation into a body of a lady that has been lying at a mortuary for 4 years. This follows our oversight inspection today at Mchunu Funeral Parlour where the corpse has been kept since 2014.

The DA is disappointed at the failure of government institutions for failing the family of the young lady who died four years ago. Government institutions failed to respect the dignity of this lady. During the oversight inspection, we spoke to the funeral parlour owner who gave us his version of the events. We then followed up with an inspection of the police station and we also held a meeting with the management of the uThukela District Municipality to hear their version of the story.

It is clear to us that none of these institutions are willing to take responsibility for the gross incompetence and insensitive conduct that took place here.

The DA was shocked to discover that after the police learned of the death of this woman from her boyfriend, they never conducted an investigation.

It is worrying that in a country with such high numbers of women and children killings, we have a police force that does not bother to investigate the death of a woman.

Because of the long period this corpse has been kept at the parlour, there is no way of now identifying who she was, meaning the family will be denied ever finding out if their family member has indeed passed away.

We are calling on the Premier to investigate both the Department of Safety and Community Liasion and Corporative Government and Traditional Affairs for this negligence. We are calling on the Premier to show leadership and put an end to this shameful event by providing a proper and dignified burial for this lady and allow her to rest in peace.

People of this province must stand up against an uncaring ANC government. It is time for a DA government that will respect people’s dignity and provide sufficient services for all.

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