ANC is failing learners at Bonela Secondary School

by Zwakele Mncwango – DA KZN Premier Candidate

Today, together with other DA public representatives, we inspected Bonela Secondary School as part of our rolling assessment of school readiness to mark the first day of the 2019 school year.

The DA’s inspection of Bonela was informed by the need to understand the underlying problems affecting the school’s poor matric results. The recently announced matric results showed that the school experienced a 15% drop to its matric pass rate when compared with 2017. Mathematics and English appear to be the primary subjects where learners are performing poorly.

We were able to establish that the school faces a myriad of challenges, ranging from late application for places by parents to inadequate infrastructure. Damage to existing infrastructure occurs frequently and the Provincial Department of Education has been slow to react to appeals for help from the school authorities.

In one case, classrooms that were burnt 7 years ago have still not been repaired, leaving learners to sit in cramped and uncomfortable spaces.

Worse still, security to protect available infrastructure is abysmal as the school cannot afford to pay for night duty security guards.

The DA has, therefore, resolved to bring the sad state of affairs to the Provincial legislature’s education committee. We will notify the committee that urgent steps need to be taken to stop the rot at Bonela and ensure that the learning environment is able to provide quality education to learners.

A DA government will ensure that school infrastructure is prioritized in order to enable learners to have equal access to quality education for all.

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