ANC in eThekwini votes against motion to help needy communities

Democratic Alliance media statement by Zamani Khuzwayo, CLLR

DA EThekwini Councilor


ANC in eThekwini votes against motion to help needy communities


The Democratic Alliance in eThekwini filed a Notice of Motion in terms of Section 27 of the Rules of Order to council Speaker, Cllr William Mapena. The Notice of Motion (NOM) was to seek clarity on the rates crisis faced by struggling residents of B5 in Newlands West, and to investigate the possibility to waiver payments of the accounts in arrears. The ANC caucus in eThekwini unanimously voted against the motion, ignoring the call by residents to waiver their arrears or investigate alternatives to remedy the situation.

Over 50 families living in B5 are in receipts of rates bills ranging between R8 000 to R40 000, amounts that were not communicated to the residents via mail or the usual utility bill. In the motion filed by the Democratic Alliance, the city was asked to provide an audit of residents in arrears on their rates in the area, more importantly, the party wanted to know how residents were informed about their billing?

In terms of the Municipal Property Rates Act No. 6 of 2004, Section 26 (1) (2) and (3) of the act stipulated that the owners must be educated on why rates must be paid before the municipality charges the rates.

The Democratic Alliance is not against the payment of rates, nor do we advocate for the absconding of payments due, we are however concerned that the city chose to deliberately not communicate with residents that rates will be levied once the RDP project was completed.

This is another classic example of an ANC that has turned its back on its people. The DA is eThekwini will continue to drive the rates issue as it affects a number of communities in the city.

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