Aloe Ridge flats invasion – MEC must answer for ANC’s broken promises

Democratic Alliance media statement by Dr George Mari, MPL

DA KZN Spokesperson on Human Settlements


Aloe Ridge flats invasion – MEC must answer for ANC’s broken promises


Members of KZN’s Human Settlement portfolio committee will call for urgent answers from MEC Ravi Pillay and his Department following the ongoing invasion of 120 new Aloe Ridge flats in Pietermaritzburg, by allegedly former APLA military veterans living in the province.

During a Human Settlements portfolio committee held last week, members were advised that the project is a joint venture between the Department and a private construction company, with the owners already having obtained a court order to evict the veterans. We were also informed that many of the so-called ‘veterans’ are very young and therefore cannot be military veterans.

Most damning though are the claims by the veterans that they have invaded Aloe Ridge after they were promised housing by former ANC President Jacob Zuma – a promise which never materialised. As always, there appears to a ‘blame game’ underway with the Department also claiming that Military Veterans failed to identify exactly who qualified for the homes. Meanwhile, the Department’s 3rd quarter performance for the provision of homes under this category was zero.

It is clear that an explanation is needed for this entire debacle. It cannot be that delivery comes to a grinding halt and it appears that the Department could have done far more to move the process along. Instead, what we have is a volatile situation with military veterans refusing to move and a long list of people who have a rightful claim to the flats.

The DA expects MEC Ravi Pillay to explain how matters were allowed to deteriorate to this point and to act to rectify them. This is a prime example of what happens when the ANC makes promises which it cannot keep.

It is clear that KZN needs Total Change under a DA-led government, where housing allocations are managed transparently. The dignity of owning a home should not be hampered by government inefficiencies.

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