30 Days later and Minister Cele still won’t act over 1,4% Conviction Rate


Democratic Alliance media statement by Dean Macpherson MP- DA ILembe Constituency Head

30 Days later and Minister Cele still won’t act over 1,4% Conviction Rate

It has now been one month since the Democratic Alliance released the shocking statistics (click here) that revealed the criminal paradise that Stanger in KZN has become.

My questions to Police Minister Cele revealed that, for the most serious of crimes including murder, rape and robbery, there is an average conviction rate of just 1,4% and a 0% conviction rate for hi-jacking.

As the Constituency MP for Stanger, I immediately requested an urgent meeting with Minister Cele in Stanger to show the community that the Government is taking this matter seriously. Regrettably, the constant dodging, delays and unwillingness by his office to commit to a meeting have only reinforced the resident’s perceptions that the failing ANC run government simply does not care about the people of Stanger.

However, this approach of ducking and diving by Minister Cele seems to be at odds with his approach to Westburg, Gauteng and Bonteheuwel in the Western Cape when he rushed there quicker than a blue light motorcade. Why is he treating the people of Stanger differently? Why do they not deserve his urgent attention?

The fact of the matter is that life in Stanger has become unbearable under a Police service which cannot protect residents from criminals as the statistics clearly show. We need Minister Cele to meet with the residents and me without delay, failing which, the DA will lead a protest to the Police station demanding his presence.

For as long as the Minister refuses to meet me and the residents of Stanger, we will be no closer to understanding what his plans are to counter the 1,4% conviction that has become a national embarrassment for his department.

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